Abracadabra Service


When we sit at the drawing board, we will discuss all aspects of your piece; the style, along with the stones, the choice of metal, and the setting. Some sketches will be drawn on the spot during our tête-à-tête, so we can bring your imagination to life. We have an array of gemstones and diamonds to help you choose what suits your design best.

Once the details of your piece have been agreed on, a bespoke piece may take between two and four weeks to complete, depending on how intricate it is. For special occasions and set dates, you may add a rush fee to meet special deadlines. In this case, a craftsman will be allocated just for you.

When your piece has almost reached completion, you may come in and make sure it is to your heart’s desire before the final stages of polishing and finishing. Upon your final visit, L’atelier Nawbar will then sprinkle a little love and some fairy dust, say the magic words A-bra-ca-da-bra! And voila..

before and after earcuff-abracadabraservice2-petit arrow_v